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Sandy Sofa

Our Sandy sofa is full of personality. Characterized by oversized pillows, this sofa brings immense comfort and a striking design to your home.

You’ve found your style and now for the finishing touches. Swing by our showroom and we’ll walk you through the process of personalizing each detail, from frame proportions (including arm height and seat depth), to cushion fill, leg shape and upholstery details (we’re known for our flawless fabric matching). Our customization options are nearly limitless.

Your personalized piece can be made with our famous Carlyle Sofa Bed.

View our standard Sectional Configurations.

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  • Depth 36”
  • Back Height 27”
  • Arm Height 27”
  • Arm Width 5"

Sofa Bed Sizes

  • Chair (no bed): Length 32”,  $3,035
  • Chair Bed: Length 42”, Mattress size 24”,  $3,335
  • Twin: Length 55”, Mattress size 36”,  $4,075, Non sleeper $3,410
  • Full: Length 71”, Mattress size 53”,  $4,630, Non sleeper $3,955
  • Queen: Length 79”, Mattress size 60”,  $4,735, Non sleeper $4,060
  • Queen Plus: Length 83”, Mattress size 65”,  $5,120, Non sleeper $4,390
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