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Where is Carlyle furniture manufactured?

Every sofa is hand-made to order in our own factory in Moonachie, New Jersey, just about 15 minutes from Manhattan.

What makes a Carlyle Sofa Bed different from all the other Convertibles out there?

We use solid hard wood like oak and ash for our frames to make sure the frame of the sofa will last for decades without any signs of wear and can be reupholstered as many times as desired.
Our unique STEELWEAVE mechanism is all-steel and especially manufactured for everynight use.
We offer high-quality mattresses of different grades that were especially designed for our sofa beds and for everynight use.
Please visit one of our showrooms to have our sales personnel give you a full demonstration of our sofa-beds and find out why you will never feel the discomfort of other common sofa beds, such as the cross-bar underneath the mattress.

How long will it take until I get my Custom Order delivered?

Most of the time orders will not take more than 4 weeks from receipt of fabric. That means if you coose a stock fabric, you will most likely get your sofa within about 1 month. But it depends on various factors: from the size, shape, trim and finish of the sofa to our current order volume and the availability of fabrics; we strongly recommend that you ask our sales personnel to give you a better idea on how long your order is likely to take.
We will try anything to accomodate your schedule but we will never sacrifice our high quality standards in order to speed up an order.

Do you have all your styles on display?

Since we have so may options in style, size, & detailing, it is impossible to show every combination in our showrooms. We always carry a diverse selection of our standard styles in our showrooms, and we also rotate pieces between the stores. You can always call any of our showrooms to inquire about the current display. If you are interested in a certain style that is not on display at that time, we will be glad to get it to a store of your choice if we have it in the factory warehouse so you can see it and test it.

Promotional Items

What are promotional items?

Promotional items are simply certain styles that are temporarily reduced in price. They typically include certain standard dimensions, trims, cushion fills & fabrics at a set price. To find out more about the current promotionally priced styles, please refer to the website or contact any of our showrooms.

Can I upgrade the mattress / fabrics on a promotional styles?

Yes, you can always upgrade the mattress and/or the fabrics on any sofa-bed that of promotionally priced. The standard upgrade charges apply.

Are promotional items manufactured differently or to lesser standards?

No, any Carlyle product is manufactured to the same high Carlyle standards we built our reputation on.

Floor Samples

Do you sell Floor Samples?

We do sell any floor sample "as is" in any of our showrooms. They can be shipped right from the store to your home, or we can take them back to the factory for a quality check and steam cleaning before we deliver them to you. Please refer to the website or call any of our stores for current floor sample pricing.

Are floor samples sold at a discount?

Yes, all floor samples are sold "as is" at a discount. For current pricing, please see our website or contact any of our showrooms.

Can I upgrade the mattress on a floor sample?

Yes, you can always upgrade the mattress on any floor sample. Any floor sample price "as is" includes our standard mattress of the according size. The standard upgrade charges apply for any other mattress.

Can I upgrade the fabric on a floor sample?

No, floor samples are sold at the discount "as is" and would need to be reupholstered to change the fabric, with standard reupholstery charges applied.

Can I change the seat cushion fill on a floor sample?

Yes, but there may be some restriction based on the shape of the cushion (some fillis need different cutting than others). Standard Refill charges apply.


Can you reupholster my existing Carlyle Sofa or other product?

Yes. We can reupholster any sofa or chair. Your sofa will be stripped down to the bare frame to apply all-new foaming and finishing. Since our hardwood frames are made to last for generations, your existing Carlyle sofa will be as good as a brand-new one when the reupholstery is completed. If desired, we can also replace all cushion fills while reupholstering your sofa. If you are not sure about the condition, we can analyze your fill while having your sofa in our factory. Please call any of our showrooms for more information or to get a free quote.

Do you reupholster sofas from other manufacturers?

Yes. However, the frame of the sofa has to be solid hard wood. Cheap plywood frames are not worth reupholstering and may fall apart durign a full reupholstery. If you had a sofa for 20 years and it shows no sign of bending, warping or cracking, you may want to consider a reupholstery.

Why should I chose reupholstery versus a new sofa?

If you compare a reupholstery versus a new regular priced piece of the same style, fabric grade, and size, you will save approximately 1/3 of the cost. This, of course, may very from style to style. So please feel free to contact any of our showrooms for comparing quotes and other information that may help you to make your choice.


What do I do if I have any kind of problem with my Carlyle product?

You can call our service department at 1-800-634-6647 and they will be glad to help you with any problem you may have with your Carlyle product.

My Cushions are worn out. Can I just replace the fill?

Yes. We can refill any Cushions of any size. Please call our Service Department at 1-800-634-6647 to get a free quote or visit our service website at www.cushionrx.com
We can refill any cushion on any sofa, regardless of who originally manufactured the sofa.

Can you restuff Cushions that were not made by Carlyle?

Yes, we can refill any cushion or pillow of any size or shape. All we need are the existing casings to perfectly fit your new fill into your casings.

My sofa had been delivered disassembled. Now I am moving out. Can you help me get the sofa out?

Yes, we can disassemble the sofa for you to take it out of the apartment or help you getting it into the new place. A lot of our customers actually chose to have the sofa reupholstered while they are moving.


Do you deliver your products outside of the Tri-State area?

Yes, we can deliver anywhere. Please contact any of our showrooms to get detailed information.

Will any sofa fit through my narrow hallway/doorway/stairwell?

Many buildings / homes have narrow passages to get through upon delivery. If a sofa is too large, we can always deliver it in parts (back off and/or arms off) and re-assemble it inside the home. Our solid hard wood frame construction ensures that this will have no effect on the structure of the sofa. Our Sales personnel will assist you determining whether a partial or full knock-down will be necessary on a specific item.

Who will deliver the sofa?

We have our own trucks and delivery personnel for Tri-State area deliveries. For long-distance shipping, we use third-party carriers.

Do you deliver "In-Home"?

Yes, our deliveries are "In-Home"-deliveries. Our delivery personnel will set the sofa up in the room it belongs. 

Do you have an insurance certificate?

Yes, we provide the insurance certificate to building managements where required. Simply verify with your building management about their requirements for deliveries.


Do you have a price list?

Since every sofa-bed is custom-made to order with countless possibilities to customize every aspect of the product, we do not have a generalized price list. But you can always come to or call any of our showrooms to get free quotes. You can also find Promotional Items and Floor Samples priced out on our website www.carlylesofa.com.

Can I get a catalog?

Yes, you can pick up a catalog in any of our showrooms or just call any showroom and we will be happy to mail you our catalog.

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