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Charles of London Tight Back Sofa

We took our traditional Charles of London and gave it a modern twist. The clean tight back will give your room the chic style you were searching for.

You’ve found your style and now for the finishing touches. Swing by our showroom and we’ll walk you through the process of personalizing each detail, from frame proportions (including arm height and seat depth), to cushion fill, leg shape and upholstery details (we’re known for our flawless fabric matching). Our customization options are nearly limitless.

Your personalized piece can be made with our famous Carlyle Sofa Bed.

View our standard Sectional Configurations.

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  • Depth 37”
  • Back Height 34” 
  • Arm Height 24”

Sofa Bed Sizes

  • Chair (no bed): Length 29”,  $3,035
  • Chair Bed: Length 38”, Mattress size 24”,  $3,525
  • Twin: Length 57”, Mattress size 36”,  $4,515, Non sleeper $3,845
  • Full: Length 74”, Mattress size 53”,  $5,070, Non sleeper $4,390
  • Queen: Length 82”, Mattress size 60”,  $5,180, Non sleeper $4,500
  • Queen Plus: Length 86”, Mattress size 65”,  $5,560, Non sleeper $4,8255

Each Sofa Includes

A true hardwood frame

We source all maple, oak, and poplar wood from the Northeast while limiting our carbon footprint. Our hardwood supplier practices environmentally friendly timber harvests. Each harvest is planned far in advance in order to maintain wildlife and plant life.

Heirloom quality

The key to building heirloom quality furniture lies in the construction. Every corner is glued, double doweled, screwed, and reinforced with blocks, producing strong, well-supported joints that will never detach. We use hardwood that is kiln-dried, so it won’t warp. Each Carlyle piece maintains its stability and shape over time, so the frame lasts for generations.

Superior level fabric

Your sofa includes any of our incredible grade A fabrics. Visit our showroom to see all of our fabrics. We have over 500 colors and styles for you to choose from.

Cushion fill

Our perfectly springy Poly Dacron is included in the seat and our firm Dacron fill is included as the back. Visit our showroom to try out all eight of our cushion fill options.

A bed

Each sofa bed is complete with our exclusive Steelweave mechanism and our Standard innerspring mattress (or choose from one of our other favored mattress options). The mechanism is lined with a metal frame and metal weaving fused together, making the bed sturdy and offering a little give for comfort.

If you don’t want a bed, there is no extra charge. We’ll build our secure spring unit within your sofa. It will distribute any amount of weight evenly. Balance is key to a comfortable sofa.


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